Why DIY Roof Cleaning can be Dangerous


There are some DIY maintenance issues that can be handled without calling a professional. Attempting to clear debris and clean areas of a roof is not one of them. Falls from roofs account for one-third of construction fall fatalities and these are experienced workers. If you are not in some type of roofing industry, this is a job for the experts.

Why Clean a Roof

Roofs are as prone to the elements as the siding, windows and guttering of your home. Hanging vegetation, mold and mildew and stains from rain and snow can leave the aesthetic appeal of the entire house less than appealing. A roof can also become ruptured from sharp sticks or become worn in spots, leaving you open to early roof repair or replacement.

Moss Removal from Roofs

Having your home located in a shaded area may be great for keeping the hot sun from heating the attic and shining through windows, but there is a price to pay for this asset. Moss can grow in shady damp areas and a shaded roof provides the perfect atmosphere. Moss leads to mold and mold leads to structural rot. Keeping a roof free from spreading moss is essential in maintaining a home’s exterior.

Cleaning moss from a roof requires special chemicals and professional technicians. Understanding the process of what to look for, how to treat and what type of regular maintenance is required, is not a recommended DIY project.

Gutter cleaning is a seasonal process that many DIYers perform on their own homes. However, over a quarter million Americans end up in the emergency room due to falls from ladders each year. The unexpected, like pests and broken hardware can attribute to accidents. There are also times when gutter cleaning is bypassed due to a heavy work schedule or more pressing projects. Neglecting to clean guttering can create leaks from overflowing rain water and repairs that are not found.

Owning a home is a big responsibility with big maintenance projects to tackle. Take one of these chores off of your list by contacting a reputable roof and gutter cleaning firm. With years of experience, the right tools and supplies, and insurance, you will be able to depend on regular maintenance on this exterior portion of your home. Why take the risk of becoming a statistic and spending your summer in a leg cast or worse?