Why is gutter cleaning so important?


Why is gutter cleaning so important?

Your home gutter system has the very important job of ferrying water away from your home. Unfortunately, gutters are often neglected and become filled with debris. This renders the gutters useless until they are cleaned. Here are several reasons why gutter cleaning should be a top priority for your home.

Potential Damage from Dirty Gutters

Ice Dams

Gutters clogged with leak debris, ice or snow can cause ice dams to form along the roofline. In addition to being a safety hazard when they break free, ice dams can cause costly problems for your roof as well as your home’s interior. As ice and snow on the roof start to melt, the moisture will collect behind the ice dam and seep into the roof and into walls and the attic. You can be left with a rotting roof and moisture damage elsewhere in the home.

The weight of ice dams can also damage the gutters by bending them or pulling them away from the house.

Rotting Roof

As rainwater collects in a dirty gutter, it quickly rises to the top instead of being channeled away as it should be. As it rises, it spills over and onto the roof. In time, this roof edge will begin to mildew and then to rot from absorbing so much moisture. This process is quickened if gutters are so clogged that damp leaves rest against the eaves of the home.

Wall Damage

No matter what material your home is clad in, the frame is typically wood and when moisture enters, the stage is set for mold problems as well as serious structural damage.
If moisture runs between the roof and the walls every time it rains, it can eventually seep through the eaves and into exterior walls.


Termites and other pests are attracted to moisture. Wet soil around your home’s foundation is like laying out the red carpet for pests to enter your home.

Damage to Foundation and Basement

When water floods clogged gutters, it can spill down the side of the home and accumulate near the foundation. This can cause many problems, including the following:

• Leaks in the basement

• Soil erosion

• Cracks in the foundation

• Shifting foundation

Dangers of Gutter CleaningCleaning gutters is a hazardous and tiring job for homeowners for many reasons. These include:

• Risk of falling – many homeowners use a ladder to reach gutters, but most ladders for home use are not very stable for this job. The inevitable fatigue you’ll encounter after a while of cleaning your gutters will heighten this risk of falling.

• Labor-intensive – gutter cleaning is very labor-intensive, and this is even more the case when you lack the special equipment that professionals use to clean gutters. Some homeowners think the problem of a dirty, clogged gutter can be solved with a blast from a water hose, but that is rarely the case. It can become a time-consuming process of scooping out debris bit by bit.

Gutter cleaning needs to be done regularly to prevent damage to the home. It’s not something you should attempt yourself, however, due to the safety hazards. To ensure your gutters are cleaned thoroughly and safely, leave it to a professional company like Boomers Window & Gutter Cleaning. They possess the expert knowledge, skills and professional equipment needed to complete the job the right way every time.