Our Services

Pressure Washing

In the Northwest, mildew, mold and moss grow on concrete, wooden decks, steps and other surfaces often making them very slippery. Unskilled use of a pressure washer can damage surfaces. We carefully pressure wash driveways, sidewalks, patios, decks and siding.
Window Screen Repair

Damaged window screens can allow debris and insects enter your home. We have been repairing and replacing old and damages ones professionally, with the right tools and techniques for years.
Window Cleaning

We clean windows by hand, using Eco-friendly products, and all professional tools. We will quickly have your windows and skylights sparkling clean, letting in more light, and improving the appearance of your home.
Gutter Cleaning

Keeping gutters clean and clear of debris helps avoid water damage to your home and can prevent the high costs of gutter replacement. We clean and flush entire system with water and make sure down-spouts are functioning properly.
Roof Cleaning

Moss and debris can shorten the life of your roof. We utilize a Soft-Wash method to gently clean your roof. To protect the integrity of your roof, we do not use a pressure washer. We are always mindful of your landscaping.
Moss Cleaning/Treatment

We brush loose the large clumps of moss and blow all the loose debris off the roof. We clear all debris from the gutters and downspouts. A granular zinc sulfate is then applied to the roof to kill any remaining moss. Zinc sulfate is EPA approved and won't harm your plants or siding. Rain and wind naturally wash away remaining dead moss.
Christmas Lighting

Do you really want to climb a rickety ladder and hang your holiday lights? The Centers for Disease Control reports that more people are injured in falls from holiday decorating than all other uses of ladders combined. We are a safe and professional solution for your holiday light installation and removal.