Light Installation

The Benefits of Preparing Gutters for Christmas Lights in the Summer

During hot summer weather, you are probably not thinking about installing Christmas lights needed in a few months, but it is actually a good time to prepare before the busy holiday season begins in the autumn. There is a good chance that your home’s gutters and downspouts are filled with nasty debris such as decayed leaves, bird’s nests and dirt that require removal to make hanging Christmas light clips easier. If you wait until late autumn or early winter to begin the process of removing debris from downspouts and gutters, then you are going to have a difficult chore. In the summer, there is less chance that the material inside the gutters is wet, and it definitely won’t be frozen solid, making it a challenge to chip away and remove.

Have Gutters Repaired When it is Warm

In addition, you also need to climb on a sturdy ladder to reach a building’s rooftop, and placing a ladder on icy or snowy covered ground is dangerous. Summer is a great time to hire a professional technician who offers gutter cleaning and repair services at residential and commercial properties. Gutters that are degraded or made of poor quality material cannot handle having Christmas lights hanging from the surfaces and will break. Instead of waiting until it is snowing outside to learn if your business or home’s gutters are in bad condition, contact a gutter inspection and replacement service to make repairs in the summer.

Technicians Have the Correct Equipment

A professional gutter cleaner has the tools needed to perform the job efficiently without damaging the siding or roof of a building. Instead of leaning an expandable ladder against the side of the building, they can use a bucket truck to reach gutters to dislodge debris, paint surfaces or add rain guard devices. With a bucket truck, the technician can view the building’s rooftop to determine if it requires a power wash to remove moss or mold growth. This is also a good time to request small rooftop repairs such as replacing broken or missing shingles. To make hanging Christmas lights easier next winter, you can provide specialized clips that attach firmly to gutters that hold strands securely.

Schedule an Appointment Today

Technicians can measure the thickness of shingles and gutters to choose the best clips to hold Christmas lights throughout a windy snowstorm. As a homeowner or business manager, it is your responsibility to create a written plan concerning Christmas light designs to ensure technicians place clips in the correct locations. Durable clips should last for several years but are easily replaceable if broken or blown away. There are many customers in the Portland, Ore., area wanting to hire the USA Gutter, Window and Roof Cleaning Company’s insured, bonded and licensed technicians to hang Christmas lights on buildings. If you want help this year with gutter repair and hanging Christmas lights, then contact the technicians today to schedule an appointment.