Moss Removal / Treatment

Regular maintenance can save the longevity of your roof. Just like a person changes the oil in his car, a roof needs basic upkeep as well. From moss to mildew to dry-rot, most afflictions can be averted by simply taking care of any problems as soon as they appear. Among the issues that could arise, moss could be the culprit that caused each and every one of them, so it is imperative that moss prevention and maintenance is done on a regular basis and in a timely manner.

Moss can cause a Chain Reaction

Moss is typically found on shaded areas of the roof because it grows better in shady, damper areas. When moss growth begins, that also means that mildew, dry-rot, mold and many other problems are sure to follow. Since moss tends to grow in damper areas, it also holds onto moisture more than areas of the roof that receive a lot of sunlight. The moisture can cause mold, mildew and eventually rotting of the roof’s structure. This creates a chain-reaction of problems for the homeowner and contractors to assess. Not only are these all problems that can be easily averted, but the cost of the problems can be quite extensive if not taken care of in a timely manner.

The Cost of not maintaining a Roof

The cost of replacing and repairing a roof can cost tens of thousands of dollars, but that is not necessary if the roof if properly cared for. The cost to maintain a roof is typically a fraction of that price throughout the 25 to 30 year life of your roof. If there is more than just roof damage because of lack of maintenance, you may even have to have repairs made to other parts of your house, which would be the cost of repairs significantly higher than the homeowner initially bargained for.

Moss Removal Process

The process of eliminating moss from your roof is that even the smallest amount of moss that is left behind can make the problem reoccur. It is important to use a professional who knows what they are doing when dealing with anything that could potentially damage your home beyond repair. With the right chemicals, technicians and processes, the removal service can be quick, easy and cost-effective as opposed to having to rebuild the entire base structure of your roof.