Winterizing Your Gutter System in Salem, Oregon


Your gutters play an integral yet often overlooked role. They are responsible for ensuring water is safely navigated away from your home in the event of heavy precipitation. After the fall, leaves can fill them and obstruct them from doing their job over the course of the cold Salem winter to come. When this happens, water can become trapped and freeze, and this often leads to expensive damage. Worse yet, this also poses a risk that can ultimately lead to leaks in your home. The minimal investment in winter gutter cleaning Salem can prove well worth it.

1. Clean the Leaves

The first step is to get on a ladder and remove the leaves that may have become trapped. If you find that this is a prevalent problem, you may consider purchasing screens to place over the gutter to prevent this buildup from occurring in the seasons to come. While leaves can still pile up on the screens, it’s easier to brush them off than clean out the gutter.

2. Check for Holes

Over time, it’s typical for gutters to develop holes or begin to sag. If this has occurred, now’s the time to make the necessary repairs. These are typically simple fixes. For example, to patch up a hole, all you need to do is:

* Clean the area with a wire brush

 * Apply roofing cement generously around the impacted area

 * Place a piece of metal that matches you gutter onto the area of damage to cover the hole

Deicing Cable

Even though your efforts are being done to prevent ice buildup, it’s better safe than sorry. A great way to maximize your assurance is to put in place a deicing cable. This cable generates heat on the roof to ensure that there is always a flow of water to prevent dangerous ice buildup in your guttering system. You simply put the cable on the edge of the roof using the provided clips and plug it in.

You can accomplish the same goal and spend less when you add a deicing material such as what you would use on your driveway or sidewalk into a pair of pantyhose. Tie it securely and place it on the side of the roof. It will prove beneficial in melting roof ice to encourage melting in your gutters.